Lot Qty Description
11Teak Patio Table Round 8468 Low:150.00 High:200.00
21Asian Style Table Lamp with Shade 2128 Low:75.00 High:100.00
31Gilt Framed Bas Relief of Courting Couple 7"x 9" -Dresden 4340A Low:30.00 High:60.00
41Two Framed Botanical Prints 7" x 14" 8251 Low:150.00 High:200.00
51Pair of Loungers - Brown Jordan 8496 Low:100.00 High:200.00
61Four Piece Set of Brown Jordan Patio Furniture 1870 Low:150.00 High:200.00
71Victorian China Cabinet 4830 Low:250.00 High:450.00
81Large Decorative Clay Flower Pot 4723 Low:40.00 High:60.00
91Three Piece Pine Hutch 2098 Low:1000.00 High:1500.00
101Oil On Canvas Depicting Campbell's Soup by Stephen Kaufman 47'x15' 6200 Low:300.00 High:500.00
111Framed Oil Painting - Juggler 15"x19" 4135 Low:150.00 High:200.00
121Antique " I Should Worry" Needlepoint 6123 Low:40.00 High:60.00
131Golf Explained Vintage Needlepoint 6122 Low:40.00 High:60.00
141Oil on Canvas of Partridge 19"x 16" 2032 Low:75.00 High:125.00
151Framed Water Color of Pair of Quail 10" x 14" 2033 Low:150.00 High:200.00
161Sill Life Painting of Fruit - By French Artist Pierre Morel 28"x 20" 1959 Low:100.00 High:150.00
171Original Oil Painting of Joyce Valpeny- " Meditation" 13"x15" 1952 Low:75.00 High:150.00
181Original Oil Painting of Paris Harbor- Signed P. Morel French Artist 23"x17" 1961 Low:75.00 High:150.00
191Original Oil Painting of Famous Bridge in Paris- Signed P. Morel French Artist 23" x 17" 1960 Low:75.00 High:150.00
201Five Piece Entertainment Cabinet 3684 Low:400.00 High:600.00
211African Masai Mara Tribal Mask-Rosewood 45"x 14" 3645 Low:350.00 High:450.00
221Pair of Japanese Prints 10" x 15" 4942A Low:150.00 High:250.00
231Pair of Japanese Prints 10" x 15" 4942 Low:150.00 High:250.00
241Four Painted on Glass Chinese Framed Panels of Children 20" x 12" 6098 Low:450.00 High:550.00
251Framed Print of Bear- 22"x 16" 8560 Low:75.00 High:100.00
261Framed Pencil of Black Lab- Signed 15"x 12" 8561 Low:75.00 High:100.00
271Pair of Framed Limited Edition Pencil Art Signed Guillaume Azoulay 17" x 23" 9553 Low:1500.00 High:2000.00
281Pair of Framed Limited Edition Pencil Art Signed Guillaume Azoulay 17" x 23" 9551 Low:1500.00 High:2000.00
291Pair of Limited Edition Framed Prints Signed Guillaume Azoulay 12"x 12" 9547/9550 Low:2000.00 High:2500.00
301Wicker Rocker Arm Chair 5965 Low:150.00 High:250.00
311Needlepoint Arm Chair 4663 Low:100.00 High:200.00
321Needlepoint Cameo Back Chair 4656 Low:100.00 High:200.00
331Needlepoint Chair 4645 Low:100.00 High:200.00
341Marble Top Low Table " Eastlake" - with Rotating Top 2089 Low:75.00 High:150.00
351Modern Style Desk Lamp with Shade (Screen) 8125A Low:100.00 High:150.00
361Morris Oak and Leather Arm Chair 4638 Low:125.00 High:175.00
371Mangle 4808 Low:200.00 High:300.00
381Antique Tom Thumb Toy Cash Register 1745 Low:30.00 High:50.00
391Antique Enamel Wood Stove 1984 Low:200.00 High:300.00
401Asian Style Walnut Table with Two Leaves 2016 Low:200.00 High:300.00
411Vintage Chapman Lamp 2074 Low:75.00 High:125.00
421Vintage Pendulum Clock with Key 2090 Low:100.00 High:150.00
431Carved Teak Drop Front Desk 4733 Low:200.00 High:300.00
441Mid-Century Modern Teak Desk with Hutch 5999 Low:200.00 High:400.00
451Computer Desk 6148 Low:75.00 High:125.00
461Pair of Artificial Flower Displays- By Swenson and Silacci Flower Shop 4976 Low:75.00 High:125.00
471Two Botanical Fruit Prints 10" x 6" 8136 Low:75.00 High:100.00
481Born Holm Teak TV Cart 2077 Low:100.00 High:150.00
491Large Mid-Century Wardrobe 76"x90"x24" 6051 Low:500.00 High:800.00
501Framed Painting of Flowers 47" x 35" 4740 Low:150.00 High:200.00
511Framed Print of Colonial America "Rifle Frolic"- 23" x 16" 4980 Low:75.00 High:150.00
521Framed Print of Colonial America "Trade Monogahela:"- 23"x 16" 4979 Low:75.00 High:150.00
531Two Travertine Decorative Cubes 14" x 15" 3685 Low:150.00 High:200.00
541Pair of Outdoor Pots- 20" Tall 4709 Low:80.00 High:100.00
551Glass Top End Table 4736 Low:125.00 High:150.00
561Three Cushion Modern Style Sofa 3490 Low:300.00 High:400.00
571Glass Top Low Table with Travertine Base 4734 Low:150.00 High:250.00
581Table Lamp with Shade 8125B Low:75.00 High:100.00
591Decorative Server with Carved Foxhead Drawer Pulls and Barley Twist Posts 6237 Low:150.00 High:250.00
601Sofa- Mauve with Diamond Pleating on the Back 4651 Low:300.00 High:400.00
611Gilt frame Oil On Canvas Still Life of Flowers 35" x 46" 1827 Low:250.00 High:350.00
621Tall Wooden Floor Lamp with Hand Cut Frett Work 2125 Low:150.00 High:250.00
631Walnut Burl Canterbury 2123 Low:200.00 High:300.00
641Pair of Brass Andirons 3570 Low:75.00 High:125.00
651Round Oak Table with Four Leaves 6239 Low:400.00 High:500.00
661Decorative Oak Display with Barley Twist Legs 6238 Low:150.00 High:200.00
671Large Decorative Five Drawer Oak Server with Barley Twist Legs and Fox Pulls 6241 Low:300.00 High:500.00
681Aico Eden Amaretto Dinette Set- includes Two Leaves, Four Upholstered Side Chairs and Two Upholstered Arm Chairs 6250 Low:2000.00 High:3000.00
691Aico Eden Amaretto Hall Table with Glass and Marble Top 6250 Low:900.00 High:1100.00
701Tall Ceramic Lamp with " Butcher Paper" Lamp Shade 8194 Low:75.00 High:150.00
711Four Oversized Chairs, Two Wingback and Two Side Chairs with Ottoman 4918 Low:250.00 High:450.00
721Pair of Blue Slag Milk Glass Nesting Hens, ca 1900 6119 Low:40.00 High:60.00
731Mahogany Buffet Server with Three Drawers and Batwing Brass Pulls 3637 Low:200.00 High:300.00
741Three Piece Fabric and Leather Sectional with Throw Pillows 3636 Low:1000.00 High:1500.00
751Glass Top Low Table 3681 Low:200.00 High:500.00
761Large Leather Bench with Wooden Base 3634 Low:750.00 High:1000.00
771Stanley Oak Buffet Server with Six Drawers and Three Cupboards 3683 Low:300.00 High:500.00
781Dinette Set- Includes Table, Two Leaves, Table Cover and Six Chairs 3632 Low:300.00 High:500.00
791Japanese Wedding Kimono-Made with Hand Painted Silk and Embroidered with Gold and Beads 5498 Low:200.00 High:300.00
8018' x 5' Green Indian Area Rug 1966 Low:150.00 High:200.00
8115' 8" x 8' Indian Handmade Wool Rug Reversible 1848 Low:400.00 High:475.00
821Eighteenth Century Style Tapestry 75" x 55" 2094 Low:200.00 High:300.00
8318' x 10' Indian Kilim Reversible Rug 1850 Low:350.00 High:450.00
841Wood Area Rug Sculptured Design-104" x 59" 4620 Low:200.00 High:300.00
851Wool Area Rug Sculptured Design-104"x59" 4618 Low:200.00 High:300.00
861Authentic Persian Rug 9'x13' (Professionally Cleaned Two Months ago) 6199 Low:1500.00 High:2000.00
871Vintage Balochistan Hand Knotted Wool Rug (est. 300-500)-70"x38" 1863 Low:200.00 High:400.00
881Turkish Hand Woven Rug c.1920's 10'x6' 2035 Low:400.00 High:600.00
891Framed Needlepoint Sampler Under Glass 8172 Low:200.00 High:400.00
901Pair of Framed Asian Silk Art Pieces-Flower and Birds 8148 Low:125.00 High:175.00
911Pair of Framed Asian Art Prints 4636 Low:75.00 High:100.00
921Framed Asian Silk Art 23"x 10" 8162 Low:75.00 High:150.00
931Framed Asian Art Print 4635 Low:50.00 High:75.00
941Wall Mirror with Carved Mahogany Frame 21" x 27" 4652 Low:75.00 High:150.00
951Asian Lidded Barrel Brass Letters, Band, Hinges, Small Asian Stool with Wicker Top 7" x 16 1/2" 8196B/ 8157B Low:150.00 High:300.00
961Pair of Asian Scrolls 8178B Low:75.00 High:150.00
971Vintage Violin and Bow with Case 4802 Low:150.00 High:250.00
981Vintage Violin and Bow with Case 4801 Low:150.00 High:250.00
991Brass Sculpture of Asian Lady on Wood Base 8157 Low:150.00 High:200.00
1001Ladies Brass Hygiene Apparatus in Box and Soldering Iron with Rod 8157C Low:75.00 High:150.00