Lot Qty Description
1011Ten Brass Pieces, Oil Lamp, Twine Spool with Scissors, Etc. 8140A Low:125.00 High:200.00
1021Misc. Metal and Pewter; Teapot, Plates, Woodstove Topper (Seven Pieces) 8150B Low:150.00 High:250.00
1031Indian Art- Mask, Arrowheads, Totem and Basket Ware 4109 Low:75.00 High:150.00
1041Brass Candelabra and Two Sets of Candlesticks, One Single (Six Pieces Total) 8130 Low:100.00 High:200.00
1051Four Pieces; Mirror, Frame and Book 8131A Low:150.00 High:200.00
1061Box of Holmes and Edwards Danish Princess Flatware c. 1938- 85 Pieces 1752 Low:75.00 High:125.00
1071Framed Oil Still Life Painting-Flower in Vase 23" x 19" 4552 Low:150.00 High:250.00
1081Four Lidded Steins and One Glass Bottom Mug 8150A Low:75.00 High:125.00
1091Nine Pieces of Porcelain, English, French and Japanese; Wedgwood Oil and Vinegar 8155A Low:50.00 High:75.00
1101Twelve Pieces Misc. Pottery, China and Teapot 8150 Low:75.00 High:100.00
1111Kettledrums with Drummer Sculpture 1708I Low:75.00 High:100.00
1121Bronze Statue of Woman 1953 Low:75.00 High:100.00
1131Five Piece Bling Set: Photo Frame, Bowl, Two Finials, Paperweight 4287D Low:30.00 High:50.00
1141Two Narumi China Platters and Two Raised Danmark Dishes 8190D Low:50.00 High:100.00
1151Five Knife Rests and Ten Pieces Porcelain, Glass and Wedgwood Dish 8154A Low:150.00 High:200.00
1161Modern Glass: Plates, Cups, and Bowls 28 Pieces Total 7675 Low:40.00 High:80.00
1171Twelve Chargers (Plate) in Box 8190 Low:50.00 High:75.00
1181Cuckoo Clock 1962 Low:75.00 High:150.00
1191Ten Pieces of Porcelain/Ceramics, Four Swans (c1948) Red Italian Bell '57 8155B Low:75.00 High:100.00
1201Pair of Travel Clocks, One Motor Clock and One Wall Clock- Four Pieces 8149A Low:100.00 High:175.00
1211Misc. China Pieces, Cups, Ashtrays, Etched Glass 8192 Low:100.00 High:150.00
1221Color Print of Puppy Signed 16" x 20" 9549 Low:150.00 High:200.00
1231Linen Set Including Eight Napkins and One Table Runner Hand Embroidered with Scallop Edges 8005A Low:100.00 High:200.00
1241Linens: Table Clothes and Napkins 8005B Low:60.00 High:120.00
1251Misc. Linens: Placemats, Napkins and Roll of Lace 8005D Low:150.00 High:300.00
1261Silk Placemats, Linen Napkins and Placemats 8005C Low:60.00 High:120.00
1271Eight Linen Placemats and Napkins and Runner-Asian 8187A Low:100.00 High:200.00
1281Pair of Ancient Chinese Brass Vessels: One Incense Burner and One Ting- Ritual Food Vessel 5750 Low:300.00 High:500.00
1291Letter Box (Green Lined) Moorish/Spanish 8145 Low:150.00 High:250.00
1301Asian Miniature Display with Glass Windows, Shelves and Miniature Carrier with Perfume Bottle 8145B Low:150.00 High:250.00
131118th Century Large Asian Flower Print Charger on Stand 8135 Low:300.00 High:500.00
1321Mixed Metal Asian Vase-Signed 8183D Low:150.00 High:225.00
1341Seven Silver Plate Serving Bowls, Trays and Metal Basket and Trifle Bowl 8147B Low:75.00 High:125.00
1351Hereke Puresilk From Instanbul 39 1/2"x 26" 8178 Low:150.00 High:300.00
13611890 Self Portrait of Rubens 24" x 30" 5953 Low:150.00 High:300.00
1371Hand Carved Duck by Gest 8581 Low:75.00 High:150.00
1381Cinnamon Teal By James Mense Hand Carved 8652 Low:500.00 High:700.00
1391Antique Mason Decoy 8583 Low:1200.00 High:1500.00
1401Pair of Hand carved Green Wing Teal Decoys-by Gene Saki 8660 Low:1000.00 High:1250.00
1411Hen Decoy 8644 Low:50.00 High:70.00
1421Vintage Canvas Painted Decoy 8588 Low:200.00 High:250.00
1431Canvas Back Drake Decoy 8587 Low:200.00 High:350.00
1441Hen Decoy 8591 Low:100.00 High:200.00
1451Long Bill Curlew Decoy-by Robert Gest 8643 Low:300.00 High:500.00
1461Framed Picasso Print 20" x26" 4866 Low:75.00 High:150.00
1471Pair of Hanging Platters Beige with Sheep Farmhouse- by Wedgwood 8196 Low:150.00 High:250.00
1481Murano Art Glass: Twelve Goblets, Twelve Tumblers, One Pitcher 1774 Low:75.00 High:150.00
1491Two Pieces of Ceramic Pottery 1954 Low:75.00 High:100.00
1501Assortment Of Silver Plate: Five Pieces and Pewter Candle Snuff, Two Piece Crumb Set, Condiment Set and Mini Teapot 4287K Low:60.00 High:80.00
1511Ten Pieces of Sliver: Wick Ships, Candle Sticks, Salt and Pepper Set and Eight Coasters 8147A Low:300.00 High:350.00
1521Bristol Glass Pedestal Bowl Black with Gold; Two Salad Plates "N" with Gold Trim, Two Piece Limoge 8137A Low:150.00 High:200.00
1531Czech Procelain Tea Set for Six 2142 Low:150.00 High:200.00
1541Royal Copenhagen Pair of Matching Vases and Two Wine Bottle Trays Green English Bowls 8183A Low:150.00 High:200.00
1551Eight Pieces Glass: Pitchers and Decanter 8154 Low:100.00 High:150.00
1561Gold Rim Glass Platter 5848 Low:75.00 High:100.00
1571Gold Colored Mid Century Platter with Signature On Stand 5849 Low:75.00 High:100.00
1581Asian Style Paper Mache Bowls, Ceramic Fish and Six Japanese 5" Platters, Small Asian Style Mirror; Plates 8190F Low:150.00 High:200.00
1591Oil on Canvas of Dry-Docked Fishing Boat 23"x17" 4153A Low:100.00 High:175.00
1601Oil on Canvas of Wire Fence and Wagon 20"x16" Signed P. Michielssen 4156A Low:100.00 High:175.00
1611Pair of Gold Plaster Wall Cherubs 4567 Low:75.00 High:100.00
1621Framed Oil Painting of Tree- Signed Skotland 4136 Low:75.00 High:125.00
1631Two Asian Black Lacquer Hanging Art 5851 Low:75.00 High:100.00
1641Four Framed Asian Silk Embroidered Medallions- 9" Diameter 8197 Low:150.00 High:250.00
1651Two Vintage Asian Skirts and a Vintage Vest 8195A Low:200.00 High:300.00
1661Tiffany Style Lamp 1963 Low:75.00 High:150.00
1671Two Sets of Large Brass Candlesticks- (Four Pieces Total) 8131 Low:100.00 High:250.00
1681Four Pieces Total :Two Glass Bowls, Purple Glass Bowl in Metal Grape Stand, and Covered Dish 8147C Low:75.00 High:150.00
1691Nine Minton Plates and One Raised Minton Plate with English Dark Green Pattern 8138 Low:150.00 High:250.00
1701Eight Pieces of Various Glass: Salt Cellars Swans Two Vintage Some with Silver Trim 8147 Low:150.00 High:200.00
1711Four Iron Candle Holders and One Iron Hanging Votive Holder with Glass 1690A Low:75.00 High:100.00
1721Collectors Plates- One Burgermeister (Three Large and One Small) 1987 Low:75.00 High:125.00
1731Pair of 18th Century Chinese, Porcelain Vases Hexagon Shape with Bases 8182 Low:200.00 High:300.00
1741Canton Cooking Vessels; 18th Century Chinese; Four Pieces 8191 Low:200.00 High:300.00
1751Four Famile Rose Service Dishes 8126B Low:150.00 High:225.00
1761Six Asian Canton Small Dishes, -Some with Raised Bases 8182 Low:250.00 High:350.00
1771Porcelain Asian Dishware: Sugar, Cups, Teapot on a Tea Light Warmer 8191A Low:150.00 High:250.00
1781Vintage Scale with Fifteen Weights, Cast Iron Plate 8144 Low:250.00 High:300.00
1791Seven Piece Asian Ceramics in Tray and Six Sided Asian Dish 8190A Low:150.00 High:200.00
1801Vintage Lidded Asian Jar with Blue Glaze Flower 1993A Low:70.00 High:100.00
1811Asian Flatware (c1950) Siam; Siam Thirteen Perfect Binders, Fan, Asian Lock Sterling Picks (10 Pieces) 8190C Low:150.00 High:250.00
1821Decorative Bowls: 1 Ceramic with Lid, One Glass with Metal Holder from Panama and Two Crystal Bowls 8147D Low:100.00 High:150.00
1831Victorian Era Electrified Oil Lamp 5817 Low:100.00 High:125.00
1841Dessert Plates and Dainty Coffee Cups-Felton China and Westville 8 Plates and Seven Cups 4563 Low:75.00 High:150.00
1851Assortment of Vintage Glass Blown Fruit and Sherbet Dishes 8190K Low:100.00 High:150.00
1861Thirteen Assorted Vintage Demitasse Cups and Saucers 5821 Low:75.00 High:100.00
1871Anthony Shaw Lidded Casserole Dish with Gold Tealeaf Design 1737 Low:75.00 High:100.00
1881Three Hen Top Bowls, Royal Doulton Christmas Mug and Twelve Pieces 8149 Low:100.00 High:150.00
189119th Century Lignum Vitae Bowl, Antique English Oval Mirror with Wood Framed Cake Server 8137B Low:150.00 High:200.00
1901Eight Soviet Era Cups and Saucers Teapot- Made in USSR 2011/2012/2013 Low:150.00 High:200.00
1911Six English Ridge Ware Plates 5820 Low:75.00 High:100.00
1921Eight Pieces of Porcelain Figurines and Pair of Candle Sticks 8155 Low:150.00 High:250.00
1931Assortment Of Silver Plate: Butter Knives, Serving Spoon and Set of Six Italian Picks and Spoons 4287L Low:60.00 High:80.00
1941Sterling Silver Chatelaine 4287B Low:165.00 High:200.00
1951Victorian Silver Filigree Brooch 5724G Low:50.00 High:75.00
1961Eleven Small Covered Jars and Vintage Pill Boxes 8137 Low:150.00 High:200.00
1971Blue Bristol Glass- Pair of Wine Bottle Coasters and One Bottle 8183C Low:150.00 High:225.00
1981Swarovski Crystal in Box 4335J Low:30.00 High:60.00
1991Two Piece Victorian Cobalt Glass Vanity Set 1753 Low:75.00 High:100.00
2001Nine Pieces of Assorted Silver Spoons and Tongs 4287H Low:95.00 High:100.00
2011Sterling Silver Items: Reed and Barton Pusher; Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Pen and Misc. Items 11 Pieces Total 4287E Low:50.00 High:100.00