Lot Qty Description
3001Single Drawer Nightstand 4909 Low:60.00 High:80.00
3011Iron Bakers Rack 2061 Low:275.00 High:325.00
3021Ethan Allen Office Desk with Glass Top 4927 Low:275.00 High:375.00
3031Ansel Adams Print In Frame "Snowy Forest" 1852 Low:80.00 High:100.00
3041Oil on Canvas of Ocean Signed Michael Russell 36"x 22" 1853 Low:250.00 High:350.00
3051Antique Prints of Connecticut Scenes 6116 Low:30.00 High:60.00
3061Framed Print-Aldertag 1940 WWII British Airfield with Pencil Signatures of Pilots 4987 Low:200.00 High:250.00
3071English Walnut Oval Table With Marble 2124 Low:150.00 High:225.00
3081Double Buffet 4914 Low:400.00 High:500.00
3091Four Antique French Fashion Art Prints 6115 Low:75.00 High:100.00
3101Tall End Table/Cabinet 4935 Low:150.00 High:200.00
3111Rosewood/Glass Tea Cart 4737 Low:150.00 High:200.00
3121Lateral File Cabinet 4921 Low:100.00 High:200.00
3131Small Two Door Wooden Storage Cabinet with Decorative Square Doors 2159 Low:60.00 High:80.00
3141Decorative Wooden Trunk with Marquetry Top Front and Sides 6240 Low:200.00 High:300.00
3151Dining Table Queen Anne Style with Leaves, Pads and Four Side Chairs 4915 Low:750.00 High:900.00
3161Artificial Flowers Displays 4959 Low:75.00 High:125.00
3171Ethan Allen Drop Front Desk 4910 Low:150.00 High:250.00
3181Small Lamp with Shade- Alabaster & Brass Base 8186 Low:125.00 High:150.00
3191Two Drawer File Cabinet 6236 Low:100.00 High:125.00
3201Metal Decorative Wall Art - Four Pieces 3520 Low:75.00 High:100.00
3211Pair of French Provincial Style Upholstered Arm Chairs 4906 Low:200.00 High:400.00
3221Double Buffet- John Widdicomb 8512 Low:200.00 High:300.00
3231Framed Colored Lithograph of Black Watch "No Surrender" 16"x22" 4981 Low:75.00 High:100.00
3241Floor Lamp 3497 Low:175.00 High:200.00
3251Vanity Stool 4543 Low:60.00 High:80.00
3261Walnut Side Table with Marble Top 6141 Low:100.00 High:150.00
3271Asian White with Blue Lamp With Shades and Wooden Base 8124 Low:75.00 High:125.00
3281Walnut Drop Front Desk 2040 Low:150.00 High:225.00
3291Eight Sided Small Folding Table 6137 Low:75.00 High:100.00
3301Cedar Chest with Brass Shield Decoration 3507 Low:125.00 High:200.00
3311Occasional Table 6044 Low:75.00 High:125.00
3321Mission Style Oak Low Table 52" x 26" x 20" 6158 Low:200.00 High:250.00
3331Pair of Celadon Style Lamps with Shades 8123 Low:150.00 High:225.00
3341American Pine and Redwood Armoire 89" x 23" x 43" 6177 Low:300.00 High:500.00
3351End Table 3638 Low:75.00 High:125.00
3361Child's Sled Circa 1900 1805 Low:50.00 High:75.00
3371French Style Marble Top Low Table 4657 Low:100.00 High:125.00
3381Asian Style Table Lamp w/Shade 8125 Low:100.00 High:125.00
3391Harvest Table 4540 Low:150.00 High:200.00
3401Wicker Lamp With Ceramic "Old Man" Finnial 8125C Low:100.00 High:150.00
3411Pair of Folding Bamboo Chairs 3562 Low:75.00 High:100.00
3421Rattan Plant Stand 3567 Low:75.00 High:125.00
3431Oil On Board Bay Area Figurative School-Circa 1963 23"x 20" 2064 Low:125.00 High:150.00
344119th Century Watercolor of European Houses- 8"x 6" 2067 Low:75.00 High:100.00
3451Impressionist Oil on Canvas on Board of Monterey Bay-24"x 20" 2068 Low:150.00 High:200.00
3461Antique Framed Painting- " Chinese Lotus" 16"x28" 2002 Low:150.00 High:250.00
3471Eight Sided Glass Top Side Table 6144 Low:75.00 High:100.00
3481Artificial Flower Arrangement 4964 Low:75.00 High:100.00
3491Bamboo Small Cabinet 2045 Low:125.00 High:150.00
3501Ceramic Table Lamp with Victorian Style Shade 8125D Low:150.00 High:175.00
3511Pair of Frank Lloyd Wright Metal Reproductions 2093 Low:75.00 High:150.00
3521Oil on Canvas Farmhouse Scene in Guilt Frame 16"x6" Low:100.00 High:125.00
3531Oval Mirror with Hand Painted Frame 19"x 23" 2005 Low:100.00 High:150.00
3541Oil on Canvas Woods Signed E. Laporte 14" x 10 " 1851 Low:75.00 High:100.00
3551Vintage Asian Teak Table- 16"x16"x14" 1874 Low:75.00 High:100.00
3561Child's Rocker 3454 Low:50.00 High:100.00
3571Antique Child's Chair in White Paint 8457 Low:30.00 High:60.00
3581Round Low Table with Carved Top- Glass Top-36" Diameter 4731 Low:200.00 High:250.00
3591Wood Chinese Noodle Press 2069 Low:200.00 High:300.00
3601Asian Style Entry Table with Drawers and Two Side Doors 2127 Low:150.00 High:200.00
10011Tub of Old Wooden Toys 1661
10021Box of Decorative Plates: Elvis, Marilyn Manroe 5722 Low:30.00 High:60.00
10031Misc. Box Ceramics, Card Holders, Small Mirror 8140C Low:50.00 High:100.00
10041Large English Hand Painted Cup and Saucer 8140B Low:75.00 High:100.00
10051Box of China and Decoratives 614/1615
10061Misc. Books 4761
10071Tub of Misc. Glass 1799
10081Box of Misc. Decoratives 3316
10091Basket with Picture Frames and Misc. Kitchenware 3272/3168
10101Box of Kitchenware 3168
10111Large Box with Baskets and Magazines 4841
10121Box of Misc. Christmas items 6227
10131Box Lot Misc Pots 3396
10141Box of Baskets 3165
10151Box of Mugs 3244
10161Box of Misc. 3551
10171Framed Modern Art Painting 15" x 10" 8358 Low:50.00 High:75.00
10181Box of Wooden Cigar Boxes 1662
10191Box of Photo Stands 3136A
10201Box of Nine Prints 4153F
10211Box of Photo Frames 4895
10221Box with Brass Decoratives a 1654/1631
10231Box of Decoratives 6135A
102414 Boxes of China 3395
10251Box of Glass and China 5708
10261Box of Glassware 7676/7676B
10271Box with Doll Collection and Doll Clothes 4689
10281Box of Decoratives 3136D
10291Box of Decoratives 3136B
10301Box of Placemats,Napkins and Ashtray 6134
10311Box of Misc. 3136C
10321Box of Frames and Misc. 4890
10331Bag with Baskets 3506
10341Box of Misc. Blankets and Throw Pillows 3486A
10351Box of Decoratives and China 4482A
10361Small Box Lot Misc items 3395A
10371Box of Ceramic Jugs 1890
10381Silver Plate Tea Pot, Three Trays and Bowls 1881
10391Glass Dessert Bowls and Plated and Pitcher 1886